This is a song I wrote last year after despairing once again at the state of politics/religion in Northern Ireland & a long post to elaborate on the subject matter of the song, against the backdrop of my own upbringing. I’m actually quite afraid to post this as I’m scared of what my family, friends & peers might think; but I have been told how important a musician’s “story” is & I’m pretty sure this is mine, so I’ll hold it in no longer.

Some people know this, some don’t, but I am the son of a Presbyterian minister, a loving Dad who has & will always want the best for me. My family grew up a small church in Killyleagh until I was fifteen, when we moved to a much larger church in the Bible Belt of Northern Ireland: Ballymena. That I was a preacher’s son was something I kept from people for several reasons, especially as a teenager; out of fear of judgement, embarrassment, or the assumption that people would think I’d be a certain way. (are you good living too?) In more recent years, an aspect that weighs heavily on me, is to be part of an obviously Protestant, religious family in a divided land & not being comfortable in identifying with “either side”, or sure whether to be Irish, British, Northern Irish, or is it all three? (As you can probably tell by now, I’m fairly insecure)

Growing up & even now I struggle to find my own sense of identity; not feeling like I could call myself a Christian in religious circles, whilst also not comfortable calling myself a non-Christian in non-religious circles...Neither mould seemed to fit. However it’s something I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fully let go of, whether it be an active seeking or just a quiet questioning. I’ve already released songs that deal with similar themes to this one (albeit, in a more subtle manner) but I write from the heart & this song is no different, it came out the way it did.

This all may seem totally trivial to some & will no doubt be quite a polarising post in which I probably come across very ‘woe is me’, but i wanted to put this out in the open. None of my sentiments here are intended to be hurtful, no matter your beliefs or values. The idea behind this song is that you can endorse the concepts of religion, of Jesus or faith, without condoning or aligning with the likes of the DUP, who quite frankly give any sort of Christianity a terrible name.

Life, eh? “Just don’t be a dick”, sure I agree with that, but maybe there’s more to it? (& sometimes in life it’s pretty hard to not be a dick, let’s be honest) I’m just seeking answers like anyone else, sometimes I go to church, sometimes I go to the bar & drink too much.

I hope you can take something from any of this & congratulations for getting to the end of this spiel,