Brash Isaac is a Belfast based band led by singer/songwriter Andrew Cameron. Combining folk songwriting with a mixture of rock and pop, Brash Isaac's music is both heartfelt and radio friendly.

First grabbing attention with the infectious alt-rock-folk of debut single 'In The Dark', Brash Isaac has continued to make waves in the Irish music scene and beyond. The band has lit up stages around Belfast, including iconic venues like The Empire Music Hall and The Limelight.

2017 saw Andrew bring his music to a wider stage, solo touring extensively around the UK and mainland Europe in September and November, and not forgetting a quick jaunt stateside for a Sofar Sounds NYC show in the iconic Greenwich Village area in March.

brash duke of york band.jpg


Andrew Cameron plays guitar (to the best of his ability) & sings.

Christopher McKay also plays guitar (but better).

Michael Wilson plays (slaps, if you ask) bass.

And second Michael (Henderson) hits the drums.

Sometimes they are joined by the wonderful Beulah Kim on backing vocals (sweet, sweet harmonies).

Here is what some notable people have to say about Brash Isaac:

Brash Isaac sounds built for big thingsBBC RADIO ULSTER

Earworming, FM- friendly alt-folk. THE THIN AIR

Brash Isaac's music is like Shloer - grown-up pop. THE METAPHORICAL BOAT

As good as it gets, setting the bar pretty high for whatever else is to come. CHORDBLOSSOM

Off-kilter pop music. BBC ACROSS THE LINE

I found his vocals to be a mix between James Bay and Thom Yorke; it sounds like a strange combination but it worked flawlessly.  GIGGING NI